IKO Levels

What does it mean to be IKO Level 3? In order to ride by yourself at any of the Miami and Miami Beach kiteboarding spots, you must be able to complete the following kiting maneuvers safely and unsupervised:

Control the riding speed by edging.
Consistent riding with either foot in front.
Consistent riding in all directions including upwind.
Ride with other riders and water users and respect right of way rules.
Change of direction without stopping.
Self- rescue and full pack-down in the water.
Risk assessment and awareness of the riding area.
Self launch and self land (if necessary)
Make a toe side turn.
Know the theory and the safety rules for jumping.
Land a basic jump. (not critical)

Editor’s Note: You should also be able to pump your own kite, unless you have a beautiful girlfriend that will pump it up for you. Men in thongs should cover up their bums before pumping a kite.