Kiteboarding access in danger!

Here is what the officials have to say:


If we cannot get people to avoid riding through the swimmers, it’s over. Additionally, the days of allowing people to walk and talk on the beach with kites in the air should be a thing of the past if you want to keep the venue open. Local riders must be doing the hard job of adhering to their own guidelines and encouraging others to do the same.  If kites are flying over people’s heads, you are way too close (this should be common sense, however for most it’s clearly not)

Do you want to keep kiteboarding access in Miami Beach?


If you do, follow these simple rules:

  1. Once your kite is in the air, do not stay on the beach, go out and have fun.
  2. Do not kite in the swimming areas.
  3. Do not ride near swimmers.
  4. You must stay at least 50 meters/50 yards/165 feet away from any swimmers.
  5. You may be a good rider, but swimmers don’t know that.
  6. Swimmers are afraid of us. Swimmers have 100% priority. Stay away from swimmers.
  7. Stay away from the beach.
  8. Do not jump, do not kite loop, and do not do tricks near shore.
  9. Stay out from the swimming zones, go crazy out there.
  10. When you are done, go back to the beach and land your kite safely.

If you, your friends and other kiters follow these common-sense simple rules, we will all be winners!

PS: we know you want to show off to your friends/ girlfriends on the beach. But c’mon be smart, preserve access, get a GOPRO instead of riding near shore and get it on film.

Do you want to help preserve access in Miami Beach?


Here are simple things you can do:

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Let’s not let this happen again:

No Kitesurfing Hobbie Beach sign


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