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miami-beach-kiteboarders-foundation-ambassadorsThe Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation (MBKF) established the Kiteboarders Ambassador Program as part of an ongoing plan to assist the lifeguards and Beachgoers during major events and holiday weekends. The MBKF is a non-profit organization formed by kiters, Miami Beach residents, business leaders and local kite shops. The MBKF was formed to promote kiteboarding safety and preserve access for kiters in Miami Beach.

The Kiteboarders Ambassador Team is comprised of Kiteboarders volunteers that have achieved a high level of Kitesurfing practice with at least 3 years experience in kiteboarding. The concept is a combination of several successful Kiteboarders involved in promoting kiteboarding safety concepts that have been tried and tested in many cities around the world. The primary role of this team is to serve as a liaison between the lifeguards, Beachgoers and the visiting Kiteboarders to provide information and help visitors remain informed on pertinent kiteboarding rules and safety guidelines. Kiteboarders Ambassadors will wear shirts identifying them as a Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation Ambassadors. Ambassadors are volunteers and do not receive monetary compensation.


It is in the interest of all Kiteboarders to assure all beachgoers and kiters have a safe and enjoyable day at the beach and it is the Kiteboarders Ambassadors goal to help follow the kiteboarding rules and safety guidelines set by the local riders of the MBKF.
Anyone interested in joining the teams, should contact the MBKF at email: [email protected]

The Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation main mission for kiters is to preserve access, so come to the monthly meetings and get involved.


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