Our Mission

The Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by kiters, Miami Beach residents, business leaders and local kite shops. The Miami Beach Kiteboarders Foundation was formed to promote kiteboarding safety and preserve access for kiters in Miami Beach. Contributions and membership dues allow us to print MBKF safe riding brochures, maintain our website, sponsor events, improve our beaches, and publicize our goals. Membership is for one calendar year of signing dues and payable upon enrollment. Individual membership dues are $20 per year and we greatly appreciate your involvement and financial support.

It is in the interest of all Kiteboarders to assure all beachgoers and kiters have a safe and enjoyable day at the beach and it is our responsibility to follow the rules and guidelines set by the local riders. You are responsible for your conduct on the water and as a kitesurfer, you represent all Kiteboarders. Always follow the directions from the lifeguards and only kite in designated areas. You are responsible for any damage and injury caused by you and your equipment to other people or property. The lifeguards and coastguards have the authority to give citations, fines, arrest you or confiscate your equipment for any illegal actions, infractions or misconduct.